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Bat Cleanup

Bats, birds, raccoons and all other wildlife can wreak havoc in your attic space once granted access. An attic restoration is an important measure to take once these critters have been removed to prevent health risks to you or your loved ones. There is always the potential for histoplasmosis from bat or bird droppings. If your attic space needs a full restoration we will remove all insulation, sanitize re-insulate, all up to the building code for your area. The removal of waste will be treated the same as any other hazardous material situation. The waste will then be removed by a high powered vacuum through a hose, emptying into a HEPA filtered bag outside or with a 45 gallon air tight construction bag. The insulation is almost always removed through an open gable vent or window closest to the attic, only in rare and extreme circumstances would we transport the bags through the home. After your attic space is clean, we then sanitize it with a portable atomizer to kill off any fungi or bacteria that may be present. Last, but not least, we reapply new insulation with the correct R Value to code. We offer a wide range of insulating options.

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